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Programs & Partnerships:

The 4 C's which are Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

Private Teaching Services

We offer year round private teaching services catered to the homeschool environment. Using Our No-Pressure Approach (NPA) to tutoring and teaching is to determine the level of each student and meet their needs where they are. The NPA includes assessments through diagnostic testing on and other tools, observations about the students learning style and other behaviors, as well as establishing an honest and trusting relationship between the student, teacher, and caregiver. Each student's education plan is tailored to their individual needs as to prepare them to reach their highest potential.​​

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Virtual Homeschool Program Grades 1-12

Offered through Williams Academy of Excellence

Williams Academy of Excellence strives to reach and expand the potential of our students, and to develop confident, productive, responsible, ethical members of society who will be lifelong learners. To achieve this, we provide rigorous, student-centered, small group learning. In partnership with parents, we empower our students to meet current and future challenges by encouraging independence and a sense of responsibility for themselves. We address a range of learning styles while challenging our students to perform at their highest potential.

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Private Tutoring Services

Monday-Friday by appointment only

Individualized private tutoring services for students pre-k through 12th grade learning levels. These services include preparation for kindergarten, homework help, class test preparation, etc. We offer virtual (via Zoom), in-person, and mobile services (if located in the Orlando, Florida Area).

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Community Partnership

Offered in the Greater Orlando, FL Area

Do you live in the Orlando, FL area and looking for family friendly activities geared to toward children ages 3-8? Here is the solution! STEAM Into Story

Time is a fun way to connect words from the pages of a storybook with engaging activities such as science experiments, engineering challenges, music, and arts & crafts. Check our calendar for events near you! 

What Families Are Saying...

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Yes! I love the way my son is absorbing the material through so many ways; hands-on, music, and verbal. He really is taking in a lot and retaining it 😁


We are enjoying the class so far! Our daughter looks forward to learning and seeing her new friends!

The Toussaint Family

We honestly don’t know how we made it 9 months into the pandemic without you and our virtual preschool. Rory gets so excited about reading the list of materials for the STEM activities and gather the things together. 


My son enjoyed all your classes this past week and i saw that he was looking forward to each next class. So thank you for making classes engaging. I like the format of the class and the organization.  


Monique has tutored and cared for my children Collin and Garrett since they were 3 & 5 years old. As parents, we are faced with the decision of finding someone with a passion to educate and give our children the care they deserve.  I am thankful that Ms. Monique has gone above and beyond for my boys.  She has helped them explore their creativity with art, music and develop social skills. 

Ms. Laurie, Garrett & Collin

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