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Who Are We?


Hope, Learn & Play LLC is an educational enrichment program designed to provide learning experiences and support for caregivers for their young students' growth & development. We service students Pre-K through 12th grade for homeschool programs, private tutoring services, skill development action planning to assist caregivers, as well as children centered event planning. 


We offer a STEAM based curriculum for our young learners as well as skill level assessed courses for our 1st through 12th grade students. Our Summer program for kindergarten readiness provides an academic, social, and emotional preparedness focus that creates confidence for student and caregivers as they enter into the next level of their school journey.  


Why would you need a Virtual Homeschool Enrichment Program?


  • If you have school age children that are unable to return to a traditional school environment;

  • If you have chosen to homeschool your child or children and are looking for ideas for their educational experiences and caregiver support; 

  • If you are interested in additional ways to engage your young learner's mind in developing a more analytical and scientific approach to problem solving;

  • If you are interested in age appropriate activities and strategies to help your child reach recommended benchmarks for school readiness or challenge them because they are more advanced in skill level.


Inquire about our free family consultations to discuss your child's current academic, social and emotional concerns help parents to begin to develop a plan of action along with tips and practical advice specific to your situation. 

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Picture of Ms. Monique Harris, the owner and teacher of this program.



  • Directors Credential

  • Staff Credential

  • First Aid 

  • Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED 

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

Hello, I'm Monique Harris (known as Ms. Monique to my students)

Welcome to Hope, Learn & Play 

Being a working caregiver isn't easy especially during these times. Families are torn between having to work or staying home to care for their loved ones.  This is a struggle that I can relate to all too well.  


I’ve always had a passion for children but had not found a way to turn that same passion into a career. After the birth of my first child during my maternity leave, I decided that returning to work would not work for my family.  So I left my job in management and began the process of becoming a Licensed Home Daycare Facility through the State of Michigan, and Hope, Learn & Play was born. 


After several years, we relocated to Florida, where I became a full-time preschool teacher and worked with Florida VPK programs and facilitated after-school initiatives. While working for the Orlando Science Center, I was responsible for creating and implementing the Virtual Preschool Connection Program and its curriculum. We successfully explored the process of virtual teaching and provided caregivers with skills to adapt to the new normal caused by the pandemic, which has many families opting to remain in the home setting. 


Through continued education, professional development, and personal research, I have dedicated my life to the growth, knowledge and understanding of early childhood education and development. What the pandemic has taught us is that we are all in this together.  Our goal is not only to provide your child with the tools they need, but also to make sure you, the caregiver, have all the support necessary to ensure their success. 


I look forward to serving you and your family! 


Ms. Monique

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