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Weekly Themed Classes

Every week we challenge our busy learner's brains and expose them to new theme-based lessons. Each topic will be explored through stories, activities, songs, learning videos, and role playing! Join us for your children's favorite subjects or explore them all.  


S is for Safety

Safety is very important to everyday life. Children will learn what they can do to stay safe in different situations. Don't be scared, be prepared!


Super Savers: All about Conservation 

What can we do to save our natural resources and help our planet continue to survive? We will learn about the 3 R’s (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) and other ways to live green.    


Innovative Inventions 

Where did peanut butter come from? Who invented the light bulb? Learn how scientists and engineers have found better ways to use natural resources and improve on inventions of the past. What will you create?   


Our Planet Earth 

What is Earth? It is the planet we live on which provides us with all we need to live and grow. We will explore Earth from inside its core through its atmosphere.


Space Exploration 

What's beyond the clouds in the sky?  Who goes there and how do they get there? Let’s take a journey into the great beyond and learn more about life above the clouds. 


Our Unique Universe 

Space is a big place made up of many galaxies. We will learn more about our universe which includes stars, comets, moons and much more.  


Discovering Dr. Seuss 

Join us on a journey with Dr. Seuss as we learn about things that are opposites, things that fly, things that rhyme, and how the months pass by.   


STEAM into Art 

We will take a look at artists and art forms that use concepts from science, technology, engineering, and math to create beautiful masterpieces. 


STEAM into Eric Carle 

Take a visual and auditory journey with Eric Carle as we travel through life as a Hermit Crab, Mixed-Up Chameleon, and other characters made famous by this multi-talented author and illustrator.


Technology for Tots 

What is technology in the world of our young learners? It’s pencils, paper, crayons, books and computers. Technology refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems. We will discover more about the tools we use everyday. 


Sources of Energy 

What is energy and where does it come from? Wind, water, and solar energy are just a few examples. We will learn about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and what that means for us.


Forces of Nature 

Magnetism, gravity, static electricity, push and pull, and air resistance are forces that cause movement. We learn about the scientist that discovered them and explore these forces through hands-on experiments and activities. 


Happy Healthy Hearts 

Hearts are a shape we see, a major organ in our bodies, something that provides us with courage, and is a symbol for kindness. We will discover the many uses for the heart and create Valentine’s inspired art and crafts. 


The Wonders of Light 

Light helps you view the world around you. Did you know if it bends, moves or is blocked, it can cause you to see optical illusions? We will explore light and how it effects what we see.  


Our Solar System  

We have traveled beyond the clouds during our Space Exploration. Now it is time to see what is in space. The journey continues to the other planets in our solar system. We will learn about how it would be to live on another planet, if we could! 


Spring into Spring 

It is Springtime and things are changing. What happens in the spring? We will observe and discover the changes that take place from winter to spring.


The Art of Music 

Music is an art form for the ears. We will learn about how we hear different sounds, the types of sound instruments make, and where they come from. We will explore rhythm, songs, lyrics and much more.  


A Trip Around the Globe (Letter Gg)

Where in this world do we live? Let’s take a trip around the world making stops on all 7 continents, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica! We will also learn about the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.


Kitchen Science 

We will enter the kitchen as Scientist and Jr. Chef. to learn more about chemical reactions through observation and sensory play. We will discover  how mixing, blending, and combining ingredients changes it's look, feel, and taste.  


Fun in the Sun

Memorial Day is coming which means Summer is near. What do you like to do in the summertime? We will explore beach science, what’s in the waters and sun safety.

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